[sun kissed]

Wanderings along paths
The smell of spring in the air
Sun kissed smiles

New adventures
In my own backyard
The magic each new season brings.

Running down sloping fields.
Over dry stone walls
Into the woods

With leaves crunching under foot
In the beck
Feeling like a kid

Finding happiness in the smallest of things


From a little adventurer.

April 2014

[moments, adventure, memories]



Through paths both near and far

towards adventures yet it be explored.

Stood still

if only for a little while.

Encapsulating [time] as though it were
little rain droplets..
Caught for that moment
as though they would last forever

But fade away they must.

As nothing really lasts forever: as time moves forward…
it does not wait for people to catch up.

But can be found..
even of only through memory…
like whispers through the wind.

As though to go
back to where they once were.

Carole Farish March 2014

thoughts, poetry and photography


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