Remembered Untill The End

Many times I’ve walked past the graves of the fallen
Thinking of the lives lost
Sometimes wondering if the cost was worth it.

Looking back on those times many men and
women paid the highest price for the freedom
of nations.

When the battle has been won and great sacrifices given
So many never got to set foot on English soil again
Or smell wild flowers in the fields.

Many generations will forever be in debt to
the selfless acts of thousands
Even now over 65 years since the guns fell silent
the fallen will be remembered.

When you are remembered in the hearts of
Many people and memories are past down
through families.

Their sacrifices, endeavours and the challenges they
faced will help to build bridges across the seas
And we know that the fight for freedom was not in vain.

By Carole Farish July 2011

Vieland General Cemetery – The Netherlands

What is engraved on his head stone really moved me “He chose the way to the stars”


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