Hartland – [Part One]

Last month I went on my first solo cycle trip. It was amazing getting to spend three days by myself…no phone or internet either! I set off from Barnstaple..mid afternoon and arrived in Stoke early evening.

I cycled to a tiny village called Stoke which is two miles from Hartland village. Hartland is a peninsula off the coast of North Devon. I have been studying there for a year now. Its been a brilliant experience. I’ve loved going on little adventures.

Ten miles to go…plus an extra two to the village!

Right after this I cycled up a massive hill near a village called Fairycross. The name was beauitful but the hill was a struggle but I made it to the top… Then I got to free wheel dowm…:-)

Beginning of the epic climb…
Sign post…
Approaching Hartland village…just two miles to go!
I set up camp by myself!!
Evening sunset…

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