Where beauty and dreams collide..

It’s been a long while since I last wrote..and I’ve missed it. It’s like welcoming back an old friend.

Where beauty and dreams collide

Where beauty and dreams collide
and hope the spark for the light 
As the sun sets on another glorious day..
Where fear and doubt are conquered 
When being brave really matters 
Remember you matter too, oh so very much.
You reading this: have so much to bring to the world.

Sometimes it’s okay to watch in wonder.
To take one small step at a time..
As it is to feel a restlessness as though you’ve stayed in one place too long.
But take heart for you are on a journey and after all that is part 
of the adventure.
In which you get small glimpses
of things to come..
Of new dreams and adventures that are yet to be begun. 
Carole Farish May 2015 

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