An ode to summer

Stories and songs

and memories full of hope

The golden thread in new beginnings

and new stories to tell

Summers full of joy

and train rides a plenty

The clatter of the wheels

on the tracks

Making a gentle hum

Seagulls and fresh sea air

From cliff tops with

wide open space and big blue skies

Exploring new places

and old castle ruins

by the sea

And walks through forests with friends

The roots crisscrossing the path as

we sauntered along

Bright garden flowers

with their bees humming

from yellow flower to flower

Their form so delicate

and always a wonder

Grandpa chasing granddaughter

in circles

and laughter abounds

Oh those glorious summer days

with loved ones

Are moments to savour

and the simple things are often the


Time and hugs and the stillness of

just being there.

C.Farish 20/08/2021


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