An afternoon at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Had a wonderful afternoon exploring the Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my wonderful friends Nigel and Christine.


Sophie Ryder: sitting
Kaws: better knowing
Kaws: along the way
Kaws: good intentions


I love visiting this church. It is stunningly beautiful and a great place to reflect, pray and think.


I had the privilege of going to a church service here this past Sunday..and I saw my first baby christening too. Which was lovely.

Votiv Kirche Window


I wandered round a beautiful example of gothic architecture this morning.. Votiv Kirche in Vienna, Austria. Photo taken with my ipod camera.. I’ll definitely be back there with my dslr next time..

Rainbows and happiness


I was so happy to see a rainbow after the rainy autumn day we had here in Yorkshire the other day. As it has been a while since I last saw a rainbow.