Late evening musings

There are perks to being a reluctant night owl at times. It’s usually these times when I’m most inspired to write.

Tonight’s musings.

Summer nights
No slumber


Rushing too and fro
Sweet silence of the night

Longing to return

to a place my heart

calls home

Even now

Still in wonder

of the glorious creation

He has made
Of mountain tops


Stormy nights

and thunder
Bright sunsets

Clouds and embers

River reflections
Still in wonder
– C.Farish



The end is not the end.. [beginning]

The end of the line; is not the end.
But the beginning of something
Beyond where you have just been.

[unknown] but not impossible.

Where day to day looks like
putting one foot in front of the other..

There is something so good..about
[small] beginnings…

After all it’s the little things that make the big things happen..

Carole Farish August 2014

[Hope and Adventure]

Of love and dreams
and distant adventures


Moments of laughter
and sprinkles of fairy dust


to be treasured.
Going to sleep with a smile on your face..

It’s the little things that make the big moments.

Carole Farish January 2013

“Life is either a daring adventure; or nothing at all” – Helen Keller

In all things

In all things
Life made beautiful
Rivers of grace
Never ending
Covering everything in its path

Showing love beyond measure
Like a captive heart breaking free
From the chains once bound in

Breaking free to fly
To live a life of significance
Where boundaries are broken
and freedom is the theme tune

Because in this Love came down and
Conquered all

It is in Him we truly live
and discover who we really are
That we are capable of greatness.

Once In November

Well I wrote this at college today in the practical writing session. We were asked to look at this painting called Nighthawks by Edward Hooper and write something about it:-

Nighthawks by Edward Hooper

One November night
All alone in a dimly lit bar
Sat watching a young couple
From a far

Sometimes their actions speaking
Great volumes
Wondering why they are here
So late at night,

So the lady in the corner smiles
Obviously very happy
Maybe its some special occasion,

Or some stunning ceremonious
evening of forgotten promises
When things have been left unsaid.

Thoughts crumbling around
Like great forbidden loves
Wide open spaces,

The void left by decaying
adversary broken hearts
All is lost in the avenues of time.

One day, maybe one day
hope can be renewed.

By Carole Farish

A Windswept Valley

Sundown across a windswept sky
What seems like the calm after the storm
After the rain has been lashing down on the ground
Like a raging torrent never ending

As dusk falls slowly across the valley
and darkness descends
With the wind howling and whistling
Eventually calm comes across the night sky

By Carole Farish.

Paths People Travel

Walking up paths once travelled
Feeling like going back in time
Thinking of what’s gone before
Moments, memories of times long ago

The battles that people face along the journey.
Realising that if you keep on going you’ll come
through it so much stronger.
And that the fight wasn’t in vain but used to build
You up for the journey a head.
No experience is ever wasted but used to gain new

As people wander by without a care in the world.
They need to know that their story is
important and that they are loved.
No matter what they may be facing.

That what has gone before is still relevant today.
Because there are many things we can learn from the past.
Hopefully this will help to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

By Carole Farish

A Painting In Words

The stardust twinkles down as the fires burn in the night,
Many voices chattering away
All wanting their time in the limelight

Wanting to be first.
But there is importance is patience, knowing that the hero’s aren’t always on the stage.

It’s about those little things that we do.

Giving a smile to a stranger.
Realising that moments aren’t to be rushed
Thinking things through in understanding that moments are part of piecing the jigsaw together
They all become a small part of the master piece.

By Carole Farish © March 2010