The Old Wharves in Trondheim

Seagul in flight across the Nidelva and the old wharves in the city of Trondheim. Taken this past May a few days before I headed home.



I love visiting this church. It is stunningly beautiful and a great place to reflect, pray and think.


I had the privilege of going to a church service here this past Sunday..and I saw my first baby christening too. Which was lovely.


There was once a time
when I thought I did not have any dreams..

But that is not true..they just look
a little different…

For our dreams show ourselves
a little glimpse of who we really are..

A leap into the unknown..
and unique to each individual.

Scary at times..but that’s part
of what makes pursuing them both a challenge and fun.

Dreams are a place where we all can
and realise we were made for more..

In a world where dreams can
When we choose to believe what others may think impossible
Is possible.

Each dream that we hold in our hearts
is precious.

C.F February 2015

– You are bigger than the fears that crowd your thoughts. C.F