Spring Days

Spring days filled with wonder

at the beauty of creation
Capturing moments

Standing in awe
Ever thankful

for each moment
Taking it in like a breath of fresh air

So good for the soul
In the stillness

calm waters

hope arises
As we wait.
May 2016



Some moments are like mountains. When we’ve got to climb through some hard times.
Often travel difficult roads

That may be long journeys 

or short ones.
But when we reach the top

What was once before us

becomes clearer.
Towards a new understanding 

A realisation that 

We are so much stronger than we think we are.
And that by looking back 

How He has carried us through 

the toughest of times 

And never left 

and He never will.
C.Farish 15/03/2016

Autumn Musings

I took this image on my journey home from work this afternoon. I used an app called Over to add text to the image.image

Saltaire wanderings

Took this picture earlier today after catching up with a wonderful friend. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Saltaire is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a model village built by Sir Titus Salt who was a mill owner back in the Victorian era. The image is of the United Reformed Church which is in the village.