Stories still going

Our lives are stories

still in motion

Full of questions

Right now

In the in betweens

Of old and new things

Of birthdays


autumn days


Looks like

making time for what

you love most

Homemade bread

Times by the fire


Reading good stories

Reminding yourself that

what feels like forever really isn’t

Learning to patience in these


That although hard

The in between is good learning ground

And prepares you for what’s next.

Being in the now and still choosing


Especially on days when life is hard




Saturday evening scribblings

Wanting a place to call home

Something that is not new..

When you’ve moved a lot

So much so that

Home is in many places

But still dreaming of having a

place of my own

Even with no idea where that’ll be

Some place that’s cosy, relaxing

Where friends feel welcome

With a window seat to admire the view

And to sit and read with a brew

The smell of baking in the air

Mmm apple crumble..

C.Farish 23.09.17

Moments of JOY

When you’ve had so many days of joy

Kisses from heaven

Hugs from those you love most




Woken up to sunlight streaming

through your window

The hint of autumn in the air



Cuddles with my littlest friend

More moments of joy

Hangs with precious friends.



Train rides, music and sunsets

City skies


and bagpipes

Cobbled streets

Quaint little alleyways.

Happiness bucketfuls of it

So much

To be grateful for.

Because life is for

Grasping with both hands

One day at a time

Taking your sparkle


You go.





Autumn Fires

Riding home
through puddles

Mornings with
a crispness in the air
Smelling like autumn

Leaves leaving patterns
like little tree paths
on the ground
Old houses
Greet me with a
welcoming smile

All the cracks
like hidden pathways
Transport me to
times gone by

The smell of wood fires
takes me back
To childhood evenings
Roasting chestnuts
in the embers

Watching Dad raking
fallen leaves
All the rustling
reminds me of

And autumn walks in the woods
Watching squirrels chase
Each other from branch
to branch

Oh the delights of autumn
When the trees put on
their best show

The best symphony
of many colours
ochre reds, auburn
golden sunbeams



Scribblings (some thoughts)

I haven't written anything in depth for a while on here. I thought it was high time I did.

I'm kind of in between things again. This happens often for me at the moment. When one season is coming to an end and another is waiting to begin. I sometimes find myself getting very restless when this happens and a little impatient. When I need to remember that it's a marathon not a sprint.

Also what might feel like a detour to you. I'm learning that they are just part of the journey. That each moment follows the next and all can be learned from and are spaces to grow.

When I've so many thoughts going through my head. It's hard to find time to process stuff. But when life gets unpredictable I'm learning that I still need to make time for myself. Instead of being stuck in the cycle of work/home/sleep and repeat. I've been stuck in that cycle for too long. It gets me exhausted and it's no way to live.

I'm working at having a life that works for me. Where there is plenty of space to be me. It's no fun spending your life in a box that someone has put you in. You don't need to stay there. You don't need to fit into someones idea for your life. For me it's important to have down time. To create ways of dealing with stress in a healthy way and preferably to have less of it. Also not piling blame on yourself. Often times we need to be kinder to ourselves and in turn we'll be kinder to others.

Life doesn't need to be lived in the fast lane. There is something to be learnt from living life slow. Life to me feels more meaningful this way. In appreciating nature, walks in woods, making things and the satisfaction that brings.

At the moment to combat that I do my best to make time for things that calm me for me this looks like walks, photography, knitting, time spent with good friends, traveling.
That would equal a much happier Carole.

Late evening scribbles

Haven’t written on here in a while. I was feeling quite restless and felt like writing. Here are my scribblings. 
Dreams waking from slumber

Scatterings of stardust 

Falling like confetti 
Endings and beginnings 

all at once.

New songs and old songs 

Adding to the melody

Life’s moments the harmony 
Each step closer to the next chapter 

In life’s great story

C.Farish 20 July 2017

Life Lessons [three]

So much to process from the past six months (I started working on this post during the middle of last month) so it’s past the six month mark now. Continuing to learn more about myself, how I react and deal with events. Things have been hard. But looking back also rewarding too.

That when you’re having times when you’re struggling it’s so okay to say you’re not okay. And to get support from those around you. It helped so much having people I could speak to, be there when I was crying. And afterwards feeling much better.

A few months back I posted this..

Still learning to find joy in trials. Trials are also times when I grow the most, am challenged in how I react, in how I treat others, in showing love to those around me. And reminded again that my God is bigger than any trials that come my way. That he so uses times like these for good! #ohhowheloves #mypappa #thankful #findingjoyintoughplaces #hessogotthis #james1

No matter what trials we face in life I’m learning to remind myself that these experiences are not wasted. I’ve grown more in my faith, standing on what His word says about me. In who’s I belong to and that am precious and valuable to Him.

That trials and challenges can also help other people along the journey in ways you never expected when you were in the middle. These realisations make my heart happy. 

There have been many times when I have struggled to speak well of people. Particularly when I have been hurt by them. Those I find hardest to love. But I’m realising more and more that those who have hurt me are hurting too. And when I forgive it is so freeing. Like a weight has been lifted and some chains broken.

Because unforgiven things otherwise can be dragged around causing pain. When I’m not forgiving people I am not choosing to love them well.

But when you’ve had a tough day Amber snuggles are the best! 😍 (picture taken back in December)

Also learning not to be so hard on myself and being content with where I am now. To enjoy these days. Seeing how far I’ve come but also realising that not knowing what’s next is okay too. To continue doing things that bring me joy. To keep going on adventures, collecting memories, taking pictures, being crafty, reading.. 
Appreciating nature, time with those I love, and to keep writing… 

Here’s to learning to be better at being loving to ourselves and those around us.

Scribblings on my way to work

Putting down some words in response to yesterday’s sickening attack on young people, their parents while they were at a music event in Manchester. Praying for all those affected. 


Riding home in the rain

Rode home in the rain earlier this evening. It was very refreshing..

and was inspired to do some impromptu song/poetry along the way. 
He loves you just as you are

He loves you just as you are
You are valuable more than you know

You are valuable more than you know
He’ll never let you down 
When you feel so overwhelmed 

sad and alone

He is there 

By your side
He loves you just as you are

He loves you just as you are
When days are joyful and full of splendour 

He loves you just the same

He’s with you always