The Old Wharves in Trondheim

Seagul in flight across the Nidelva and the old wharves in the city of Trondheim. Taken this past May a few days before I headed home.


A wander in the Yorkshire Dales

I love that the countryside is right on my doorstep.. I don’t get to explore round here as often as I’d like.. So this afternoons walk with some dear friends was a lovely spontaneous surprise.







We walked from Birnsall to Grassington and back..

[i wander]

Feet wandering along new paths
Adventure is never far away

New things to learn from
and explore with an open heart

The wonder of being constantly surprised…of where I wander

After all life is one epically awesomely big adventure.

– Carole Farish June 2014

Adventure, travel but, most of all others.


I came across this quote a couple of days ago from Jamie Tworkowski who is the founder of To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) who raise awareness of suicide and self harm issues amongst young people and to help those in need. You can check out their website here. I love the passion this organisation has to see lives changed and people free from things that are holding them captive.

We all need people to spur us along our journey.

Remember.. You are important, valued and loved.

– Your story is important –