In between seasons

Taken on my walk to work this morning. I’ve added some scribblings from the other day.


Life is a series of in betweens

Paths that seem like dead ends

and some that are not.

Filled with joy beauty, hard times and wonder.


And sometimes it’s a fight

to see the light in the darkness

But most of all I cling to the hope that He is mightier than any troubles that I face.

Even in sorrowful times

I am glad that He holds it all


And brings comfort amidst the tears.

And when I look back

I’m in awe of all He’s done

And grateful that He’s there

all the time.

Carole Farish December 2017



Autumn Fires

Riding home
through puddles

Mornings with
a crispness in the air
Smelling like autumn

Leaves leaving patterns
like little tree paths
on the ground
Old houses
Greet me with a
welcoming smile

All the cracks
like hidden pathways
Transport me to
times gone by

The smell of wood fires
takes me back
To childhood evenings
Roasting chestnuts
in the embers

Watching Dad raking
fallen leaves
All the rustling
reminds me of

And autumn walks in the woods
Watching squirrels chase
Each other from branch
to branch

Oh the delights of autumn
When the trees put on
their best show

The best symphony
of many colours
ochre reds, auburn
golden sunbeams



Rainbows and happiness


I was so happy to see a rainbow after the rainy autumn day we had here in Yorkshire the other day. As it has been a while since I last saw a rainbow.


In honour of the fact that it’s national poetry day I’ve written a little something. Since it’s been a while since I last wrote a poem.

The season where the nights begin
to draw in.
Of woodland walks and the sound of
leaves crunching underfoot.
And the smell of wood smoke in
the air as I wander up my street.

Of bygone days when as a child I climbed trees and picked apples with my grandpa.
And went down the lane in a wheelbarrow cushioned with leaves.

Seeing the trees turn from green to golden shades of orange and burnt red.

Of evenings sat by the fire reading and feeling cosy with a mug of coco on the coffee table.

Oh autumn the season of natures splendour as though the countryside has turned into a living painting.
That I get to walk around freely.

Oh what a joy!

Carole Farish October 2014

A wander in the Yorkshire Dales

I love that the countryside is right on my doorstep.. I don’t get to explore round here as often as I’d like.. So this afternoons walk with some dear friends was a lovely spontaneous surprise.







We walked from Birnsall to Grassington and back..