A wild Heart

Some scribblings I wrote yesterday for a dear friend of mine. 📷 Suhyeon Choi.


Early mornings and branches

Early mornings and branches.

Breathing in ordinary moments.

Crisp air fills my lungs and frost crackles underfoot.

Looking up at silhouettes in the sky.

Shadowed by the night sky.

Soon to be flooded in daylight

C.Farish 28/12/17

Votiv Kirche Window


I wandered round a beautiful example of gothic architecture this morning.. Votiv Kirche in Vienna, Austria. Photo taken with my ipod camera.. I’ll definitely be back there with my dslr next time..


In honour of the fact that it’s national poetry day I’ve written a little something. Since it’s been a while since I last wrote a poem.

The season where the nights begin
to draw in.
Of woodland walks and the sound of
leaves crunching underfoot.
And the smell of wood smoke in
the air as I wander up my street.

Of bygone days when as a child I climbed trees and picked apples with my grandpa.
And went down the lane in a wheelbarrow cushioned with leaves.

Seeing the trees turn from green to golden shades of orange and burnt red.

Of evenings sat by the fire reading and feeling cosy with a mug of coco on the coffee table.

Oh autumn the season of natures splendour as though the countryside has turned into a living painting.
That I get to walk around freely.

Oh what a joy!

Carole Farish October 2014