I took this shot of a Peacock whilst visiting Dartmoor Zoo this week. They are very beautiful birds. The colours of the feathers are so lovely.

20140125-102422 pm.jpg


Putsbourgh beach..

IMG_3136 edit write IMG_3193 write IMG_3215 edit write IMG_3216 edit write IMG_3221 edit write IMG_3268 edit 2 IMG_3327 writeI visited this beautiful beach on Saturday evening. It was a brilliant way to enjoy the warm summer like evening after a day at work!

The Hoe – Plymouth

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Smeatons Eddystone Lighthouse

DSCF5692 edit

Out to sea..


Plaque on the lighthouse.

DSCF5703 edit
Seagull flying towards the sunset..

Yesterday I visited the marine port city of Plymouth. The Hoe area was lovely.

Lundy [part one]

Last weekend I went on a spontaneous day trip to this beautiful little island. Lundy is the largest island in the Bristol Channel. It can be reached by M.S Oldenburg during late spring right through to October. Lundy means Puffin Island in old Norse.

Here are some pictures from my trip.

Ilfracombe harbour.

The Coast.
Approaching Lundy

Old fishing boat.
Walking up to the village.

A Woodland Masqurade

As the river runs
Cascading down
as the droplets hit the ground
Deer coming to the waters edge
Suddenly running past the trees

Hearing the rustle of the leaves
Where prickly hedgehogs make
there home as the nights draw in
Walking along a well worn path
The dim sunlight shines through the trees

Squirrels jumping from branch to branch
Birds chirping in splendid song.
As dusk descends across the forest

Carole Farish November 2010