New adventures in familiar places 

So after my USA adventures.. Another new adventure has begun. I got off a 7 1/2 flight.. Got a train back to Yorkshire. Packed and headed up to Lancashire. 

I am loving being nearer my sister and brother-in-law.. I’m also enjoying lodging with wonderful friends Amy and Matt.

And views like this.

and this..



Happy birthday USA.. 4th July Celebrations

Had great fun celebrating USA Independence Day with some new friends.. A whole evening early on July 3rd.. The fireworks display was at Long’s Park in Lancaster Pennsylvania. 

It was a little strange to be celebrating the independence of a former British Colony. But still fun.


Sometimes it’s so good to take a moment to crouch down and appreciate the little things.. Picture taken on my way home from work earlier today.  

Sock progress

Well it’s been a while since I put anything knitting related on the blog.. I’m currently in the middle of making a pair of socks..


In awe & [wonder]

Looking upwards
Sky so awe inspiring
Such beauty in small moments.

Amazed by the everyday
Ordinary little things

Drinking in the wonder of it all

In awe.

Heart happy..

I smile.

20140428-075456 pm.jpg