Piggyback Ride


Sometimes the best thing is to be able to capture moments like this.


Adventures with William [Part One]

I went climbing with my dad, his friend John and his little boy William. It was so good to go rock climbing again. It was a fun filled afternoon. Felt like a little kid again.

Walking up the track

“Roger, Roger”

Dry stone walls and Foxgloves..
Which style to choose??
William on the bridge.
William’s den.

A Spoonful of Jam

A spoonful of jam



Running for the bus

like its the biggest race of

our lives


Dancing in the rain

just because we can

Splashing puddles


Hanging out

singing songs at the top of our lungs

without a care in the world


Like its the best day ever

Re-living moments on a camera reel


               really is the best

                                            way to cheer someone up!




With the bestest little sister in the whole world!