Bossiney Bay

Yesterday I visited this beautiful bay along the North Cornish coast..DSCF7380 edit write

DSCF7397 edit write

Arch way..

DSCF7429 edit writeKids having fun.

DSCF7410 edit writeSome mussels.

DSCF7421 edit cfMy dad and sister on the beach.

DSCF7446 editMy sister collecting Muscles..

DSCF7464 edit  DSCF7462 editSisters..


//Train journeys


On my way to Lancaster via Manchester this morning. This little kid next to me was staring out of the window. It was such a good moment to capture. I’ve edited it using instagram and I took it with the camera on my phone.

Olympic Torch Relay – visits Bradford

Yesterday the Olympic Torch passed through my home town. It was great to see so many people waiting to see it and to see so many smiling faces.

It was fun being a tourist in my home town for the afternoon!

A packed city street.
Blue skies..old buildings, people..
Little girl half hiding behind a Union Jack – My favourite picture of the day.
Waving the flag with pride

Little girls having fun…

Moment to shine van..
What dreams are made of.

Olympic Torch Relay runner number 100 – Jamie Brown, running up Sumbridge Road.

City streets.
Town Hall
Kids having fun in the city park..

It was so good to finally see the city park.. The local kids really enjoyed getting themselves soaked!

Green leaves…London 2012