True Magic Of Christmas

Heart smiles
Homeward bound
The smell of warm apple and cinnamon

The breathtaking wonder that this season.
Brings of hope, fun and happiness
Of being together
Remembering the reason why

That Christ came born of Mary
Forsaking himself for us
Which is the greatest gift of all
For He came to set us free.

The true magic of Christmas.

Carole Farish December 2013


Battle Lines.

Sometimes I feel like I just crash and burn
Like life is flying by as though I’m in a giant jet stream
So fast I can’t take a picture
Leaves the camera rolling instead

So the light flashed by, so immense
Caught in the beams
Broken into millions of shards of light

Flowing onto the grass
Creating crimson like effect
Feeling like hiding from it all

Knowing in reality that isn’t an option
When we’re needed to shine like never before
Cos we’re called to shine in the darkness

Even in those times
When I question everything
In this is where you need to fight most
Just to stay afloat

But we forget that the battle is won
For He paid the ultimate price
Laying His life down so that we could live

By Carole Faish

In all things

In all things
Life made beautiful
Rivers of grace
Never ending
Covering everything in its path

Showing love beyond measure
Like a captive heart breaking free
From the chains once bound in

Breaking free to fly
To live a life of significance
Where boundaries are broken
and freedom is the theme tune

Because in this Love came down and
Conquered all

It is in Him we truly live
and discover who we really are
That we are capable of greatness.