Elves Making Music

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking some pictures of my church Christmas concert and some very musical Elves made an appearance.

20131222-075349 pm.jpg


True Magic Of Christmas

Heart smiles
Homeward bound
The smell of warm apple and cinnamon

The breathtaking wonder that this season.
Brings of hope, fun and happiness
Of being together
Remembering the reason why

That Christ came born of Mary
Forsaking himself for us
Which is the greatest gift of all
For He came to set us free.

The true magic of Christmas.

Carole Farish December 2013

//Fountains Abbey

My friend Kathryn and I visited Fountains Abbey last December for a festive Christmasy evening. It was beautiful. It really felt like Christmas was coming (with the abbey all lit up and carol singers singing in the arches).

Here are some pictures from a wonderful evening out!

Lit up
Kathryn and I.
Rainbows of colour.
Autumn colours
Flood lit walkway
Tower aglow.
Burning bright.

A Little Bit of Christmas….

The snow fell as they slept
Sweet dreams of winter adventures
Like ice skating in Hyde Park
The smell of cinnamon in the air

As the bells jingle
Gentle tunes play over the radio
Thinking of family road trips
Along snow covered lanes.

Wiping the frost from the window
Setting of before dawn begins
Feels like the middle of the night
But really the day is just beginning

The smells of Christmas fill the room
Eating delicious treats
Playing childhood games
Building a giant snowball in the woods
Realising it’s too big to push down the hill

Throwing snowballs at each other instead!