So it comes but once every four years XXVIIII

So today is the 29th February…wow well life looks pretty different now to where I was this time four years ago. I was in the middle of an amazing year at bible college. I made some life long friends.
God has done so much in my life since then…now I’m studying History and English. (This is the girl who always said she’d never go to uni – be careful what you set in stone cos God sometimes has other ideas.)…The journey so isn’t finished yet.

So I thought I’d post up another picture.

The garden of dreams..

A Day Dawns

Happiness can sometimes seen elusive
Like it will never come to pass
But in the end in the new dawn of
A day humorous moments light up
What seem like dark times

When dreams come to life
Moments to treasure
Sprinkling like fairy dust

In the adventures of life
Showing us who we really are
Getting up early just to see
The sunrise through the trees

Where Dreams Are Found

In hope is where dreams are found
When they are coming out of the Furness
So new that they are scorching hot.

Where we learn not fear the unknown
But to embrace it like a flower beginning to bloom.
When its better to jump, to take the risk
Otherwise its only ourselves holding us back.

In the adventures of walking new paths and places.
All the smells and sounds bring it to life.
Knowing that where ever you go you’ll be ok.

And that its ok to be apprehensive.
Its part of the journey and you’ll get there
in the end.

Today is not the end..your just adding new
pages to the story of your life.

By Carole Farish


The adventure is re awakening
Coming out of its slumber
Realising its time to run wild
Amongst the birds flying over head

With the leaves rustling along
the forest floor
All the colours merging into one
like a giant tapestry
Dreams long forgotten
Emerging as new

By Carole Farish October 2010