New adventures in familiar places 

So after my USA adventures.. Another new adventure has begun. I got off a 7 1/2 flight.. Got a train back to Yorkshire. Packed and headed up to Lancashire. 

I am loving being nearer my sister and brother-in-law.. I’m also enjoying lodging with wonderful friends Amy and Matt.

And views like this.

and this..



Sundown at Kinderdijk

Last summer I visited some friends in the Netherlands. I got to visit a beautiful place called Kinderdijk. It is filled with windmills and waterways. I was so excited by the amount of windmills. I’d never seen so many all at once! The atmosphere was so calm and peaceful.

Windmills at dusk.
Walk way
Windmill night sky

A Windswept Valley

Sundown across a windswept sky
What seems like the calm after the storm
After the rain has been lashing down on the ground
Like a raging torrent never ending

As dusk falls slowly across the valley
and darkness descends
With the wind howling and whistling
Eventually calm comes across the night sky

By Carole Farish.


As night ebbs closer
The day moves towards night
The sky above goes from bright blue
To light pastel shades

The clouds begin to come whispering across
Making many patterns
As the sun paints the heavens in many colours
From soft shades of lilac to bright pink.

By Carole Farish


Dusk gently falls across the sky

As the swallows glide to and fro

Making patterns that fade away

As the whisps of clouds dissolve

Stars begin to twinkle in the darkening sky

Like specks of light illuminating the

dark night.

The moon shines down casting shadows

Carole Farish  ©  July 2010