U-Bahn in Wein


Sometimes pictures don’t need to be perfect.. Rather beautiful with their imperfections.. Kind of like us humans really.

Taken whilst boarding the train home..

View From The Train

20140118-015205 am.jpg

I’ve been looking back at some of my pictures of last summers adventures and I thought I’d share this shot. It was taken as I was heading towards Bodø in Northern Norway in July last year.

Bikes on a bridge

Bikes in a row on a bridge in Dordrecht, The Netherlands,

Last summer in the Netherlands on a boat trip through the town of Dordrecht.

Sundown at Kinderdijk

Last summer I visited some friends in the Netherlands. I got to visit a beautiful place called Kinderdijk. It is filled with windmills and waterways. I was so excited by the amount of windmills. I’d never seen so many all at once! The atmosphere was so calm and peaceful.

Windmills at dusk.
Walk way
Windmill night sky