[LIGHT] : up the sky.

Star lit skies
The crisp winter air
So refreshing to the heart

The smell of wood burning fires
Remind me of home.

As the wind plays its own gentle tune.

Sometimes all you’ve got to do is
At the greatness of it all..
A shining light…
Away above…

Bonfire Night

Girl with a sparkler

With my little buddy!

Its been fun spending a few weeks up north. These pictures were taken at a bonfire night last week,

Battle Lines.

Sometimes I feel like I just crash and burn
Like life is flying by as though I’m in a giant jet stream
So fast I can’t take a picture
Leaves the camera rolling instead

So the light flashed by, so immense
Caught in the beams
Broken into millions of shards of light

Flowing onto the grass
Creating crimson like effect
Feeling like hiding from it all

Knowing in reality that isn’t an option
When we’re needed to shine like never before
Cos we’re called to shine in the darkness

Even in those times
When I question everything
In this is where you need to fight most
Just to stay afloat

But we forget that the battle is won
For He paid the ultimate price
Laying His life down so that we could live

By Carole Faish


Tear drops glimmering like diamonds

Creating pasterns of rivers

Criss crossing creating a quilt like effect


Mini waterfalls

Soaking into the pillow

Having no idea

why the tears fall


Sometimes it’s just

a release of pent up emotions

kept bottled up for far too long


when it becomes hard to stay that way

and life becomes so overwhelming

Like an all consuming fire

left to burn for days on end


After all sometimes its best

to cry sometimes.

After the tears comes clarity


Despite everything

Knowing you’ll be ok in the end.


And the smile that is worth the praises of earth is the smile that shines through tears.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Also influenced by this song:

“Every teardrop is a waterfall” – Chris Martin – Coldplay

Love burns in our Hearts.

Love burns like a flame untouched
But scorches marks on our hearts
Only God’s perfect love overwhelming

He gave His best for us to live
To come amongst us
Showing us what real love looks like?

Picking up the pieces of our broken hearts
Which were like shattered glass
A hundred million shards

Put back together like new
A re creation of the masterpieces
God created our lives to be

Now able to show to the world
Hope is possible
We need to reach out most to others
When we’re hurting
We’ve got things that need to be
given away

Only in this we then know
Its about living life with open hands
Showing His love and kindness
To all around us