//Fountains Abbey

My friend Kathryn and I visited Fountains Abbey last December for a festive Christmasy evening. It was beautiful. It really felt like Christmas was coming (with the abbey all lit up and carol singers singing in the arches).

Here are some pictures from a wonderful evening out!

Lit up
Kathryn and I.
Rainbows of colour.
Autumn colours
Flood lit walkway
Tower aglow.
Burning bright.

Love burns in our Hearts.

Love burns like a flame untouched
But scorches marks on our hearts
Only God’s perfect love overwhelming

He gave His best for us to live
To come amongst us
Showing us what real love looks like?

Picking up the pieces of our broken hearts
Which were like shattered glass
A hundred million shards

Put back together like new
A re creation of the masterpieces
God created our lives to be

Now able to show to the world
Hope is possible
We need to reach out most to others
When we’re hurting
We’ve got things that need to be
given away

Only in this we then know
Its about living life with open hands
Showing His love and kindness
To all around us