Please don’t loose your wonder 


Please don’t loose your wonderOf the small

But beautiful moments
And remember that you are His

And He is yours 

Who conquered the grave 

for you 
And set the stars in the sky

Just because 

And brought heaven down to earth 
Scattered wildflowers in meadows

To wander through

And to enjoy

The butterflies dancing amongst 

in the late evening light
C. Farish 08/06/16


Where Dreams Are Found

In hope is where dreams are found
When they are coming out of the Furness
So new that they are scorching hot.

Where we learn not fear the unknown
But to embrace it like a flower beginning to bloom.
When its better to jump, to take the risk
Otherwise its only ourselves holding us back.

In the adventures of walking new paths and places.
All the smells and sounds bring it to life.
Knowing that where ever you go you’ll be ok.

And that its ok to be apprehensive.
Its part of the journey and you’ll get there
in the end.

Today is not the end..your just adding new
pages to the story of your life.

By Carole Farish

When feathers fall

Feathers falling like candy floss
On to the frozen ground
Where many people have been before

Seeing children skating along the river
Memories of times gone by
In the crisp cool air a lone robin sings

Hearing their laughter as they chase
each other in the snow
Creating beautiful snow angels.

As the seasons change from winter comes spring
Where the snow melts away
Flowers come into bloom
From miniature mountain flowers

To the brightness of tulips
In the parks and daffodils that line
the country lanes.

By Carole Farish