Scatterings of hope

It’s ok to have unanswered questions.

Feeling unsure..

But finding beauty in the unknown.
Even in that there is something to learn.

Becoming comfortable in who you are.
Only when alone do we begin to appreciate the notion of self.

That in each of us: is something beautiful we give to the world around us.
Scatterings of hope in what can sometimes be seen as a desolate place.

Small shoots of green amongst a barren landscape.

A bright light in the dark.

That grows into something so majestically wonderful.

– Carole Farish January 2014


Across the room: a dance

She walked across the room
with the grace of an angel
Like there was no one else present

So gracefully
she danced

Shafts of sunlight
passed across her face

Beautiful shadows
of sun kissed time

He came towards her
He caught her unawares
with the hint of a smile
His eyes laughing
with joy….

Carole Farish – 12 December 2012..