Things I’ve learnt from those around me in regards to friendships

In the season of life that I’m in right now I am really thankful that I’ve got friends in different life stages to where I am, ages and locations. Where none of these things are a barrier to the precious friendships that I have the privilege of building. (You know who you are!)

I love that friendship means that I get the chance to grow and learn from others as they are going forward in their journey. And it also in the beauty of just allowing those who are alongside me to be theirselves. Where we do not feel the need to hide behind any walls or masks that we hide or often put up.

As one of my friends put it: ‘a true friend is someone who can come into your home and make themselves a cup of tea without needing to ask first.’ – Truth right there.

True friendships are also a place where ideas can be bounced off each other without the fear of being shot down. (Even when we may not agree on what they are saying, but where differences of opinion can be discussed from a place of love and not fear.