Third year musings

Wow!  I can’t quite believe I’ve had this blog for three whole years now.. Its gone so fast. It started off as a place for me to write my poetry and has grown into a blog both about writing and photography. Its a privilege to be able to write poems which encourage others.To add a bit of sparkle to someone’s day.

It was a good challenge from my now brother-in-law Josh. I’m so glad I took up the challenge. Check out his website here.

I love travelling to new places for the experiences they bring and the sense of adventure. It is also good to go back to familiar places because often I see them differently after being away for a while.

I am constantly inspired by those around me who show such passion for life and adventure. Also by the nature that surrounds me. Even some little flowers clinging to life on an old stone wall.

Beauty speaks to me in so many ways, showing the majesty of God. I stand in awe at ever sunset I have the privilege of seeing.  It helps me keep a fresh perspective on life.. to hold life with open hands and the importance of giving to others. With a smile, a kind word, a poem and through my photography.

Remember a little encouragement can go a long way!

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

– Carole.



Scatterings of the heart
Being woven into something new
Jumping into the unknown
Writing new pages of the story

Knowing that I am His

No matter what..

Learning to walk humbly
along the path that is unwinding
straight in front of me

And to not look back
but keep moving forwards…

Its not how fast you travel that is important
It’s important that you keep moving.

– Carole Farish – April 2013

Sunset over my home town


This week has been very busy so far. But its one of my favourite weeks in the year because my church hosts its annual youth conference. It’s a privilege to serve the young people. I took this after the meeting had finished. I love moments like this.

Picking up my pen..again. It’s been a while..

Silently she walks into the room

Scared and alone feeling lost

Hiding behind the scars and tears which freely fall

Lost in that moment


Suddenly she realises that yes, it’s ok to cry

                                                                          But don’t hide who you are

                                                                                                                          This world needs you to be you.

Come with your quirks, bright eyes, that smile that lights up a room.

Bring who you are, just you not anyone else

                                                                            You were not created to hide in the shadows

               But to dance in the sunshine and the rain….

Running free…..



Dreams….to be realised…discovered…..begun….

                                                                                     Continue to turn the pages of the story He is writing…


Carole Farish July 2012

Once known…never forgotten

Once known


Never forgotten.

The princess of the most High

Where raindrops fall,

And the sun rises, greeting a new day..

With a open heart

In awe of who You are

Precious one I smile when
I think of you.

By Carole Farish May 2012.

Looking back..

Its a good day as any to reminisce. I’ve come such a long way. I remember back in the days when I was at school and, I had no self confidence. I was very shy and kept to myself and spent lunch times reading. How things have changed.. :-D. Thinking of how far I’ve come really does make me smile.

Listening to old RPM songs reminds me of how incredible my God is and how he really does come through no matter what. Also about how important it is to be faithful in everything you do. How over the years I’ve had the privilege to be involved in three album recordings…and I know I don’t have the best voice but I just kept showing up and what an hour it was to serve alongside such incredible singers and musicians.

That reminds me of the time when I played RPM’s (now Iam Future) first EP in my registration class at school and my classmates actually liked it. I so thought they’d ask me to turn it off.

I have so much to be thankful for.. I’ve got the most amazing friends and family who are so good at cheering me on and being the best encouragers.

I’ve also got so much better at writing.. I was looking back at some of the poems I wrote in my mid teens and its so good to see how more confident I’ve become at getting things down on paper.

I’ve been on many incredible adventures…to Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, France and Norway…

Its incredible to think that 8 years ago today I made one of the most life changing decisions ever….to follow Jesus..

The journey so far has been full of ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it even if I could because in the hard times I discover more about my character and how persevering really helps to make me stronger. In the times when we most want to give up it’s in these times that I have found courage to keep going.

I’ve grown so much in confidence…I can do public speaking even though I still don’t find it fun..Its still a challenge and I really have to get outside of my comfort zone.

I would have never have thought that eight years later I’d be studying in Devon…….and the journey continues…

It’ amazing how life turns out. 🙂

“Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.” Gila Radner

So it comes but once every four years XXVIIII

So today is the 29th February…wow well life looks pretty different now to where I was this time four years ago. I was in the middle of an amazing year at bible college. I made some life long friends.
God has done so much in my life since then…now I’m studying History and English. (This is the girl who always said she’d never go to uni – be careful what you set in stone cos God sometimes has other ideas.)…The journey so isn’t finished yet.

So I thought I’d post up another picture.

The garden of dreams..

When God sees you…

When God sees you
He smiles
Know that you’re part of one big

Where its ok to just be yourself
God didn’t create you to pretend to be someone else

Be the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, kind, loving
son or daughter
That He created you to be
Yes you with your cheeky smile
Infectious laugh that lights up the room

You come boldly with your quirks
Everyone has something precious
To bring to the table of life
We all have things in our lives
that can be given

As we do this we help others
to shine bright
Showing God’s love
Being His hands and feet on the earth…..

By Carole Farish February 2012

Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge of an abyss
Voids colliding
Sparks of stars ignite in the sky

Mesmerising and immense all at once
Looking up at what love brought down
Where words just aren’t enough.

Thoughts of what He has done
In wonder and awe
The world like one giant patchwork
A family all together as one
Across many nations.

All united for one cause
Being the hands and feet
Showing love and kindness.

Its in the giving of encouragement
a smile, hug or high five
being a shoulder to cry on.

Carole Farish February 2012