Forgiveness [playing your part]

Sometimes every day is a lesson in forgiving .
Remembering that everyone has been hurting and fighting battles.
Everyone is a story still in going..

Today is not the end…

Each day is a brand new page to write
more of the story He is writing..

Which means..bucketfuls of [grace].
To be bestow upon all we meet.

Play your part [that only you can place].
No one can replace you..

Carole Farish August 2014


In all things

In all things
Life made beautiful
Rivers of grace
Never ending
Covering everything in its path

Showing love beyond measure
Like a captive heart breaking free
From the chains once bound in

Breaking free to fly
To live a life of significance
Where boundaries are broken
and freedom is the theme tune

Because in this Love came down and
Conquered all

It is in Him we truly live
and discover who we really are
That we are capable of greatness.