Kindered spirits

Kindred spirits
Of shared heart and mind
Heart happy
Knowing that time is precious

When small actions speak more
than words.

Sometimes shared thoughts go beyond boundaries
of age, gender, class.

Lessons that all generations can benefit from

In accepting each other as we are.

Carole Farish June 2014


Just because…

Just because
There does not always need to be a reason

Acts of kindness speak louder than words
In these ways we show our hearts to others


There is something beautiful in spontaneous showers of grace bestowed from one to another


Just because…

Carole Farish February 2014

Endings and New Beginnings

Stepping forward
Along silent edges
A moment ending into something new

Endings teach me about the blessing
of new beginnings

Not taking things for granted
but being grateful for where I am now

Small steps along the journey
I smile thinking of the little things
Encountered along the way

Like looking at the night sky as though
I’ve never seen it before.

There are always new beginnings
happening all around us.

Being thankful for who you meet along the way

And to think those moments could spark
Something new in our hearts.

– Carole Farish October 2013

A Time Lapse

Here are some late night musings. Its been a while since I last wrote. Here goes.

Old and young all in one moment
Feeling as though I’m between two places.

One beginning but not quite ending.

As though time has stood still
if only for a little while.

Like a time lapse.

People in awe, shocked in all seriousness..

Maybe its just make believe…
Or forever young at heart.

Carole Farish – September 2013

A Seaside Tale

I wrote this poem a few years ago now back in March 09.

To see you running towards me
Like there is no other
Across the sand beaches
The sand dusting your feet
Running with all your might

Your feet hitting the sea with
such force
You gasp at the shock of the cold water
engulfing your feet

You see other kids laughing
Having so much fun
As the sun shines over the water
Making it glisten like silver scales

In the distance tiny specks on the sand
As you come closer to the shore
They become clearer
Children making enormous sand castles

Carole Farish March 2009

Once known…never forgotten

Once known


Never forgotten.

The princess of the most High

Where raindrops fall,

And the sun rises, greeting a new day..

With a open heart

In awe of who You are

Precious one I smile when
I think of you.

By Carole Farish May 2012.

In all things

In all things
Life made beautiful
Rivers of grace
Never ending
Covering everything in its path

Showing love beyond measure
Like a captive heart breaking free
From the chains once bound in

Breaking free to fly
To live a life of significance
Where boundaries are broken
and freedom is the theme tune

Because in this Love came down and
Conquered all

It is in Him we truly live
and discover who we really are
That we are capable of greatness.

Caught in the light

Slowly the dawn breaks across the sky
Wondering what this new day will bring
Asking many questions
Life seems to bring mnore questions than answers

In uncertain times when the waves come crashing
Over ever engulfing
When all can seem lost
Like being caught in headlights
So blinding bright

But even in that there is a light
that shines through the darkness
Showing us that there is hope
amongst chaos.

When something beautiful can emerge
out of sadness, loss, hurt.
They are like flowers waiting to blossom
But are still under a blanket of snow.

In those times we are held
In a beautiful surrendering of the heart.

For When We Forget: That Together = Strength

Out of the ashes comes beauty
In these times when we don’t understand,
When it’s the most important not to loose heart
Amongst this chaos and confusion
When it’s ok to just stand

Learning that it’s in this we realise how
strong we really are.
To be there for those who are hurting
A shoulder for someone to cry on,

To just be.
That from this point on the world will
Never be the same.

By Carole Farish

Who can you bring hope to today?