Panorama of Tungenes fyr

This afternoon l wandered along this beautiful windswept section of the Norwegian South West coast. It was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. The lighthouse was built in 1862 and it closed in 1984.

20140622-103616 pm-81376087.jpg


An afternoon meal and movie time!

I went to a lovely restaurant for lunch today with a friend. It was in an old school building with lots of character. It was built in the mid 17th century.. The food was yummy too.

Sign above the door.
A little bit of jazz music in the high street.

It was so good to hear some good jazz music whist walking to the cinema!


Skyfall was so so good.I’m not usually into Bond films but I loved this one!

Weekend exploring the capital

I spent the weekend exploring London with some friends. It was so much fun!

Wandering round my favourite bookshop

I do love wandering round a good bookshop. Before I headed back down to Devon I looked round my favourite bookshop. Its in the old wool exchange building.It used to be the centre  for trading wool in the 19th century.


Going back in time…on a steam train

Spent the afternoon the other day exploring some places near home. I travelled on a steam train with a friend and my sister. Its a long time since I’d last been on one and it was so much fun!