True Magic Of Christmas

Heart smiles
Homeward bound
The smell of warm apple and cinnamon

The breathtaking wonder that this season.
Brings of hope, fun and happiness
Of being together
Remembering the reason why

That Christ came born of Mary
Forsaking himself for us
Which is the greatest gift of all
For He came to set us free.

The true magic of Christmas.

Carole Farish December 2013



Home: means many different things to different people.
The smell of a wood fire
on an autumn evening.
Family, friends, more adventures.

Spending time with those you love.
Encapsulated in time; without words.
Where together is enough.

Making memories

I find its in the small seemingly insignificant moments

When I think of home the most.
It creeps up on me in the dead of night.

When really I should be sleeping.
Even now I think of home with a big smile on my face.

Many memories made
Yet many more to come..

– Carole Farish, October 2013

Bonfire Night

Girl with a sparkler

With my little buddy!

Its been fun spending a few weeks up north. These pictures were taken at a bonfire night last week,

Wandering round my favourite bookshop

I do love wandering round a good bookshop. Before I headed back down to Devon I looked round my favourite bookshop. Its in the old wool exchange building.It used to be the centre  for trading wool in the 19th century.


Sunset over my home town


This week has been very busy so far. But its one of my favourite weeks in the year because my church hosts its annual youth conference. It’s a privilege to serve the young people. I took this after the meeting had finished. I love moments like this.

Tree lined walk home.


I spent the evening visiting friends last night and on the way home I took the tree lined short cut. It makes the journey from the station a little more interesting. I took the picture with my phone camera.

The Coopers….fun, happy, music..

I have some amazing friends who are in a band called The Coopers. They released their EP a few weeks ago. Their music is fun and happy.. full of feel good tunes.

The Coopers new EP – Picture edited with Instagram.

Here is a video of their song – Summer’s Child.

Check out their website

P.s – Their album is available on itunes – 🙂 Check it out.