Thursday scribbles

Hope Over Fear

Reminding myself that amidst uncertainty

I can still choose hope over not knowing what’s next

Hope over fear

Hope over shame

Hope over negativity

Hope amidst challenges

That it’s light that dispels the darkness

Light is life giving

It’s where the magic happens

and new ideas

become more than just dreams

Where the sparks of imagination fly

and old patterns become new paths

Interwoven into who we are

02/11/17 C.Farish


Where beauty and dreams collide..

It’s been a long while since I last wrote..and I’ve missed it. It’s like welcoming back an old friend.

Where beauty and dreams collide

Where beauty and dreams collide
and hope the spark for the light 
As the sun sets on another glorious day..
Where fear and doubt are conquered 
When being brave really matters 
Remember you matter too, oh so very much.
You reading this: have so much to bring to the world.

Sometimes it’s okay to watch in wonder.
To take one small step at a time..
As it is to feel a restlessness as though you’ve stayed in one place too long.
But take heart for you are on a journey and after all that is part 
of the adventure.
In which you get small glimpses
of things to come..
Of new dreams and adventures that are yet to be begun. 
Carole Farish May 2015 

Power of Encouragement

I stumbled upon this quote earlier today (and I turned it into a bit of photo art). It a about how standing alongside someone can really encourage and spur them on. It also helps them to know that they are not alone.

We all need those kinds of friends in our lives who encourage us in this way. It is such a precious way of adding value to people. They may appreciate it way more than you’ll ever realise.

That one small act of kindness which was sown may be a catalyst to someone else’s life. That small spark of hope that they needed.

I’m so thankful for the friends in my life who have been that to me.

These kinds of people are the torchbearers who run alongside us on the journey… Where hope whispers.. “You are valuable and have so much to give..Keep going”.

20140207-111620 pm.jpg

Scatterings of hope

It’s ok to have unanswered questions.

Feeling unsure..

But finding beauty in the unknown.
Even in that there is something to learn.

Becoming comfortable in who you are.
Only when alone do we begin to appreciate the notion of self.

That in each of us: is something beautiful we give to the world around us.
Scatterings of hope in what can sometimes be seen as a desolate place.

Small shoots of green amongst a barren landscape.

A bright light in the dark.

That grows into something so majestically wonderful.

– Carole Farish January 2014

True Magic Of Christmas

Heart smiles
Homeward bound
The smell of warm apple and cinnamon

The breathtaking wonder that this season.
Brings of hope, fun and happiness
Of being together
Remembering the reason why

That Christ came born of Mary
Forsaking himself for us
Which is the greatest gift of all
For He came to set us free.

The true magic of Christmas.

Carole Farish December 2013

Adventure, travel but, most of all others.


I came across this quote a couple of days ago from Jamie Tworkowski who is the founder of To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) who raise awareness of suicide and self harm issues amongst young people and to help those in need. You can check out their website here. I love the passion this organisation has to see lives changed and people free from things that are holding them captive.

We all need people to spur us along our journey.

Remember.. You are important, valued and loved.

– Your story is important –

A Wandering Heart

A wandering heart
isn’t always lost….

but on a journey, searching
of things yet to be seen, heard, experiences
that are yet to happen.
Knowing not to rush past moments
Letting them unfold in their own

After all some things are really worth the wait
Why let yourself be broken hearted?
Everything has a time and a season
Like the beauty of a butterfly

Seasons come and go
some sooner than we would like
others lasting longer than we’d hoped.

Memories somehow frozen in time
parcels, gifts that we hold dear,
Bringing smiles of joy
even things that
are sad make me thankful for the time we had
Back when I was a kid
and you’d say
“Do I know you?”
In all seriousness,
When I knew you were joking
of summer days picking blackcurrants
and you’d tell me stories of long ago.

I loved getting rides in the
down the lane.
Then we filled it with leaves
and added them to the fire.

By Carole Farish. March 2012.

Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge of an abyss
Voids colliding
Sparks of stars ignite in the sky

Mesmerising and immense all at once
Looking up at what love brought down
Where words just aren’t enough.

Thoughts of what He has done
In wonder and awe
The world like one giant patchwork
A family all together as one
Across many nations.

All united for one cause
Being the hands and feet
Showing love and kindness.

Its in the giving of encouragement
a smile, hug or high five
being a shoulder to cry on.

Carole Farish February 2012

Battle Lines.

Sometimes I feel like I just crash and burn
Like life is flying by as though I’m in a giant jet stream
So fast I can’t take a picture
Leaves the camera rolling instead

So the light flashed by, so immense
Caught in the beams
Broken into millions of shards of light

Flowing onto the grass
Creating crimson like effect
Feeling like hiding from it all

Knowing in reality that isn’t an option
When we’re needed to shine like never before
Cos we’re called to shine in the darkness

Even in those times
When I question everything
In this is where you need to fight most
Just to stay afloat

But we forget that the battle is won
For He paid the ultimate price
Laying His life down so that we could live

By Carole Faish