Picking up my pen..again. It’s been a while..

Silently she walks into the room

Scared and alone feeling lost

Hiding behind the scars and tears which freely fall

Lost in that moment


Suddenly she realises that yes, it’s ok to cry

                                                                          But don’t hide who you are

                                                                                                                          This world needs you to be you.

Come with your quirks, bright eyes, that smile that lights up a room.

Bring who you are, just you not anyone else

                                                                            You were not created to hide in the shadows

               But to dance in the sunshine and the rain….

Running free…..



Dreams….to be realised…discovered…..begun….

                                                                                     Continue to turn the pages of the story He is writing…


Carole Farish July 2012


Once In November

Well I wrote this at college today in the practical writing session. We were asked to look at this painting called Nighthawks by Edward Hooper and write something about it:-

Nighthawks by Edward Hooper

One November night
All alone in a dimly lit bar
Sat watching a young couple
From a far

Sometimes their actions speaking
Great volumes
Wondering why they are here
So late at night,

So the lady in the corner smiles
Obviously very happy
Maybe its some special occasion,

Or some stunning ceremonious
evening of forgotten promises
When things have been left unsaid.

Thoughts crumbling around
Like great forbidden loves
Wide open spaces,

The void left by decaying
adversary broken hearts
All is lost in the avenues of time.

One day, maybe one day
hope can be renewed.

By Carole Farish