[Hope and Adventure]

Of love and dreams
and distant adventures


Moments of laughter
and sprinkles of fairy dust


to be treasured.
Going to sleep with a smile on your face..

It’s the little things that make the big moments.

Carole Farish January 2013

“Life is either a daring adventure; or nothing at all” – Helen Keller


A Seaside Tale

I wrote this poem a few years ago now back in March 09.

To see you running towards me
Like there is no other
Across the sand beaches
The sand dusting your feet
Running with all your might

Your feet hitting the sea with
such force
You gasp at the shock of the cold water
engulfing your feet

You see other kids laughing
Having so much fun
As the sun shines over the water
Making it glisten like silver scales

In the distance tiny specks on the sand
As you come closer to the shore
They become clearer
Children making enormous sand castles

Carole Farish March 2009

When God sees you…

When God sees you
He smiles
Know that you’re part of one big

Where its ok to just be yourself
God didn’t create you to pretend to be someone else

Be the beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, kind, loving
son or daughter
That He created you to be
Yes you with your cheeky smile
Infectious laugh that lights up the room

You come boldly with your quirks
Everyone has something precious
To bring to the table of life
We all have things in our lives
that can be given

As we do this we help others
to shine bright
Showing God’s love
Being His hands and feet on the earth…..

By Carole Farish February 2012

A Spoonful of Jam

A spoonful of jam



Running for the bus

like its the biggest race of

our lives


Dancing in the rain

just because we can

Splashing puddles


Hanging out

singing songs at the top of our lungs

without a care in the world


Like its the best day ever

Re-living moments on a camera reel


               really is the best

                                            way to cheer someone up!




With the bestest little sister in the whole world!

Moments make the memories

Its in the small things
When actions really do
Say more than a thousand words ever could

When you pick up a crying child
Giving them a big bear hug
Spinning them round and round
So they are flying high

Its when you are there for friends
Showing that you care enough to pick
them up when they are down

Going on long walks up mountains
At the top you know all the effort
was so worth it.

In those times its overwhelming
When you can feel so small
But its a good feeling

Friends chasing each other
in meadows, jumping from stone
to stone across the river

When all you need is to just be
still, content in the moment,
Where no words need to be said.

By Carole Farish

Faithful Friends

Faithful friends are precious treasures
Who are placed in our lives
not by coincidence
But have real reasons for being in our lives

They light up our lives in only ways they can
And provoke us when we need it most
Even when at that moment we may not
Realise the importance of their words

But later on we’ll realise why they were there
What it means when we laugh and cry together
When they know how to comfort us
During the most difficult times in our lives

Also in days of great joy
Of celebration
They are there through it all

By Carole Farish May 2009

A Young Girl

There is a young girl running free
twirling around in her beautiful flowing

Then she is sitting there looking at the
clouds go by
Just a Pretty girl in her own peaceful world
being that wonderful joyful princess that
she was created to be

And she dances round and round, laughing
giggling with that priceless sparkle in her

In that split second she shows her
happiness when she sees that kind face
smiling, delighting in her.

In this moment she knows that she is
loved beyond measure.

By Carole Farish  © 2008