Lake District Wanderings

View from the train earlier this evening.



Things I’ve learnt from those around me in regards to friendships

In the season of life that I’m in right now I am really thankful that I’ve got friends in different life stages to where I am, ages and locations. Where none of these things are a barrier to the precious friendships that I have the privilege of building. (You know who you are!)

I love that friendship means that I get the chance to grow and learn from others as they are going forward in their journey. And it also in the beauty of just allowing those who are alongside me to be theirselves. Where we do not feel the need to hide behind any walls or masks that we hide or often put up.

As one of my friends put it: ‘a true friend is someone who can come into your home and make themselves a cup of tea without needing to ask first.’ – Truth right there.

True friendships are also a place where ideas can be bounced off each other without the fear of being shot down. (Even when we may not agree on what they are saying, but where differences of opinion can be discussed from a place of love and not fear.

[i wander]

Feet wandering along new paths
Adventure is never far away

New things to learn from
and explore with an open heart

The wonder of being constantly surprised…of where I wander

After all life is one epically awesomely big adventure.

– Carole Farish June 2014

Ten Years Hanging Out With Jesus

Happy Friday..everyone! Ten years ago today I made one of the best decisions I’ve ever follow Jesus.

20140319-022531 pm.jpg

I’m so thankful for the journey of continually growing and knowing God more. I’ve come so far but I know the best is yet to come. Here’s to more adventures…

Leading In Life

20140312-082522 pm.jpg

I stumbled upon this quote yesterday. It’s definitely how I aspire to live my life. Being generous is part of who I am and it makes my heart happy to know that in this way I have been a small part of making someone’s life that little bit better.

So often we can wait for other people to do things for others or ourselves. I think often we can forget that we are part of the answer.

We all have qualities and abilities that can bless others. It’s about using what is in our hands right now.

Maybe all your have right now is a smile or a hug. Use them to brighten up someone’s day!

Little things really do make a big difference. You really can lead the way with your kindness, open heartedness, being friendly and generous.

I’m participating in an initiative over lent called 40 Acts (living life generously). Yesterday was all about reaching out to others. So I sent out a few little notes to precious friends.

20140312-084638 pm.jpg

Towards the end of the afternoon I saw a BIG ISSUE seller at the bottom of my street and bought a copy of the magazine. Often I’ve walked past others like the man at the end of my street. Yesterday reminded me of the importance of looking upwards. We can often be so in our own little worlds that we forget to notice those around us.

When we do stop to notice others. That small action can be a part of lifting them up and helping them to realise that they are valued.

But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then. (Matthew 19:30 NLT)

We compared to God have different ideas regarding importance and influence. Being important is something we aspire to where as with God it works the other way round. We don’t need to be important in the way the world sees (like aspiring to be famous). Each of us has areas that we hold influence in and that is as much as valuable. After all no one else can be YOU!

Power of Encouragement

I stumbled upon this quote earlier today (and I turned it into a bit of photo art). It a about how standing alongside someone can really encourage and spur them on. It also helps them to know that they are not alone.

We all need those kinds of friends in our lives who encourage us in this way. It is such a precious way of adding value to people. They may appreciate it way more than you’ll ever realise.

That one small act of kindness which was sown may be a catalyst to someone else’s life. That small spark of hope that they needed.

I’m so thankful for the friends in my life who have been that to me.

These kinds of people are the torchbearers who run alongside us on the journey… Where hope whispers.. “You are valuable and have so much to give..Keep going”.

20140207-111620 pm.jpg

Scatterings of hope

It’s ok to have unanswered questions.

Feeling unsure..

But finding beauty in the unknown.
Even in that there is something to learn.

Becoming comfortable in who you are.
Only when alone do we begin to appreciate the notion of self.

That in each of us: is something beautiful we give to the world around us.
Scatterings of hope in what can sometimes be seen as a desolate place.

Small shoots of green amongst a barren landscape.

A bright light in the dark.

That grows into something so majestically wonderful.

– Carole Farish January 2014