Thursday scribbles

Hope Over Fear

Reminding myself that amidst uncertainty

I can still choose hope over not knowing what’s next

Hope over fear

Hope over shame

Hope over negativity

Hope amidst challenges

That it’s light that dispels the darkness

Light is life giving

It’s where the magic happens

and new ideas

become more than just dreams

Where the sparks of imagination fly

and old patterns become new paths

Interwoven into who we are

02/11/17 C.Farish


A wander in the Yorkshire Dales

I love that the countryside is right on my doorstep.. I don’t get to explore round here as often as I’d like.. So this afternoons walk with some dear friends was a lovely spontaneous surprise.







We walked from Birnsall to Grassington and back..

In awe & [wonder]

Looking upwards
Sky so awe inspiring
Such beauty in small moments.

Amazed by the everyday
Ordinary little things

Drinking in the wonder of it all

In awe.

Heart happy..

I smile.

20140428-075456 pm.jpg