A Wandering Heart

A wandering heart
isn’t always lost….

but on a journey, searching
of things yet to be seen, heard, experiences
that are yet to happen.
Knowing not to rush past moments
Letting them unfold in their own

After all some things are really worth the wait
Why let yourself be broken hearted?
Everything has a time and a season
Like the beauty of a butterfly

Seasons come and go
some sooner than we would like
others lasting longer than we’d hoped.

Memories somehow frozen in time
parcels, gifts that we hold dear,
Bringing smiles of joy
even things that
are sad make me thankful for the time we had
Back when I was a kid
and you’d say
“Do I know you?”
In all seriousness,
When I knew you were joking
of summer days picking blackcurrants
and you’d tell me stories of long ago.

I loved getting rides in the
down the lane.
Then we filled it with leaves
and added them to the fire.

By Carole Farish. March 2012.


Fleeting moments

Sorrow comes slowly and
all at the same time
When the air of disappointment
                                                a little too long

Something that was expected
but sad all the same
                                                          of lost opportunities
                           feeling the need to make

When you know you’ve done all
                                                     you can
Knowing you’ve tried and done
                                                   the best you could
even if it didn’t match up.

It’s ok really
                    don’t languish……in that
It’s not the end…….

Carole Farish March 2012