Across the room: a dance

She walked across the room
with the grace of an angel
Like there was no one else present

So gracefully
she danced

Shafts of sunlight
passed across her face

Beautiful shadows
of sun kissed time

He came towards her
He caught her unawares
with the hint of a smile
His eyes laughing
with joy….

Carole Farish – 12 December 2012..

Croyde Bay

It was fun spending the morning exploring and wandering along Croyde beach with my friend Heather, in Devon. With stunning views out to sea and a bright blue sky.

Walking along the beach
A guy surfing.
Off to surf..

Croyde beach.
Little boy at the beach.

Waterfall Walk

Last weekend I went on a waterfall walk. I really wanted to climb Helvellyn but the wind speeds were too high.

More steps leading up to the waterfalls

I got to see two double rainbows as well. I’d never seen that before.


Double rainbow two


Going back in time…on a steam train

Spent the afternoon the other day exploring some places near home. I travelled on a steam train with a friend and my sister. Its a long time since I’d last been on one and it was so much fun!

A Seaside Tale

I wrote this poem a few years ago now back in March 09.

To see you running towards me
Like there is no other
Across the sand beaches
The sand dusting your feet
Running with all your might

Your feet hitting the sea with
such force
You gasp at the shock of the cold water
engulfing your feet

You see other kids laughing
Having so much fun
As the sun shines over the water
Making it glisten like silver scales

In the distance tiny specks on the sand
As you come closer to the shore
They become clearer
Children making enormous sand castles

Carole Farish March 2009

One of my favourite places..

This summer I’ve visited my Gran in the Lakes. Its so beautiful and peaceful there. God’s beauty is really on display here..

View from the field towards the lane.
Water flowing to the estuary…
Railway line gate.
Wild flowers
One of my all time favourite views..