Water, mountains, adventure

View of the mountains from my Gran’s back garden.
Posing for the camera..


Mountains in the distance

I’m loving being back in the Lake District for a couple of days. It so beautiful. Extremely thankful right now. I’m loving the adventure of life.


Norwegian Adventures.

What a week it has been. It was defiantly one of the best winter trips I’ve ever been on. All in all in the past week I’ve been on 6 trains and also visited six airports (probably the most travelling I’ve ever done in one go!)

I got see what Norway is like in the winter. It is just as beautiful as in summer but in a different way. I loved how the cold air was crisp unlike how it often is in England. I went on the longest train journey that I’ve ever been on. We took the scenic route and it was well worth it despite the little daylight that we had. I got to see one of the largest lakes in Norway from the train which was pretty cool.

View of the lake.

As we got off the train and walked up the stairs to the car I was greeted by one of the most incredible sights. The Northern Lights (I’d hoped to see them but there was no guarantees that I would) it was amazing that I got to see them as soon as we arrived in Trondheim. In these moments God really blows my mind. How He can put a display on like that is awe inspiring.

Maybe I should write a bucket list cos I’ve got quite a few things to tick off so to speak.

Digging to make a carpark space!

We also went on a two day mountain trekking adventure which involved driving for three hours more inland. The views on approaching the mountain range were awesome! I was quite apprehensive about doing cross country skiing for the first time but I really enjoyed it. It was much easier when I got into a proper rhythm and just kept moving. When night came the stars lit up something fantastic. I’d never seen so many stars before. It is much more incredible when you are in an area which is properly dark. It was so dark that we could see the ‘Milky Way’. In those moments I don’t know how you can’t believe in God. Those kinds of moments make me stand in awe that He created all that just because He can!

Another view of the cabin.
Breaking the rules. On the journey back to the car.

The weather was interesting on the way back but we made it through and strangely we were quicker on the homeward journey than the one to the cabin. I was so glad to get back to the car..but I was a good kind of tired.

Moments make the memories

Its in the small things
When actions really do
Say more than a thousand words ever could

When you pick up a crying child
Giving them a big bear hug
Spinning them round and round
So they are flying high

Its when you are there for friends
Showing that you care enough to pick
them up when they are down

Going on long walks up mountains
At the top you know all the effort
was so worth it.

In those times its overwhelming
When you can feel so small
But its a good feeling

Friends chasing each other
in meadows, jumping from stone
to stone across the river

When all you need is to just be
still, content in the moment,
Where no words need to be said.

By Carole Farish