A little flicker of hope is all you need
to keep moving forward.
Knowing that you are valued.

You matter very much
Bringing a sparkle to those around you

Whispering thoughts of happiness..
a smile can go a long way

Pleasure in the smallest of things.

A childlike wonder when looking
up at the night sky.

Feeling so small and yet so amazed.

Carole Farish January 2014


Sundown at Kinderdijk

Last summer I visited some friends in the Netherlands. I got to visit a beautiful place called Kinderdijk. It is filled with windmills and waterways. I was so excited by the amount of windmills. I’d never seen so many all at once! The atmosphere was so calm and peaceful.

Windmills at dusk.
Walk way
Windmill night sky

A Scattering of Stars

A love poured out like a thousand splendid stars
That glitter the sky like diamonds
When we think that all is lost
He shows that He is our hope.

As we realise that we can overcome all
Because it is in Him we find who we are
In Him all things are possible

Above every circumstance
any trials we face
His love is big enough
Its in His strength and love that
wil bring us through.

Because love wins always.

By Carole Farish.

A Windswept Valley

Sundown across a windswept sky
What seems like the calm after the storm
After the rain has been lashing down on the ground
Like a raging torrent never ending

As dusk falls slowly across the valley
and darkness descends
With the wind howling and whistling
Eventually calm comes across the night sky

By Carole Farish.

A Star Lit Sky

Standing here surrounded by the all consuming darkness,
as the night draws on
The clouds begin to whisper away
Revealing an incredible display

Suddenly the stars light up the sky
As though the lights came on millions of years into the past.
The dying embers of once magnificent stars,
shining back to us.

It is an awe inspiring explosion of light into the expanse of the heavens.
They scatter the sky like diamonds.
That are precious in their own way.
Moments like this are remembered for a lifetime.

Its times like this that you realise how small you are
and how vast the universe is.
The awe inspiring realisation of it all.
That the display was put on just for you.

By Carole Farish June 2011

Bright Moon

On a clear night in March I took this shot of the moon. It really stands out in the pitch black night sky. I’ve never seen it so bright before. The moon was the closest its been to the earth for around 20 years.