Happy birthday USA.. 4th July Celebrations

Had great fun celebrating USA Independence Day with some new friends.. A whole evening early on July 3rd.. The fireworks display was at Long’s Park in Lancaster Pennsylvania. 

It was a little strange to be celebrating the independence of a former British Colony. But still fun.


U-Bahn in Wein


Sometimes pictures don’t need to be perfect.. Rather beautiful with their imperfections.. Kind of like us humans really.

Taken whilst boarding the train home..

Leading In Life

20140312-082522 pm.jpg

I stumbled upon this quote yesterday. It’s definitely how I aspire to live my life. Being generous is part of who I am and it makes my heart happy to know that in this way I have been a small part of making someone’s life that little bit better.

So often we can wait for other people to do things for others or ourselves. I think often we can forget that we are part of the answer.

We all have qualities and abilities that can bless others. It’s about using what is in our hands right now.

Maybe all your have right now is a smile or a hug. Use them to brighten up someone’s day!

Little things really do make a big difference. You really can lead the way with your kindness, open heartedness, being friendly and generous.

I’m participating in an initiative over lent called 40 Acts (living life generously). Yesterday was all about reaching out to others. So I sent out a few little notes to precious friends.

20140312-084638 pm.jpg

Towards the end of the afternoon I saw a BIG ISSUE seller at the bottom of my street and bought a copy of the magazine. Often I’ve walked past others like the man at the end of my street. Yesterday reminded me of the importance of looking upwards. We can often be so in our own little worlds that we forget to notice those around us.

When we do stop to notice others. That small action can be a part of lifting them up and helping them to realise that they are valued.

But many who are the greatest now will be least important then, and those who seem least important now will be the greatest then. (Matthew 19:30 NLT)

We compared to God have different ideas regarding importance and influence. Being important is something we aspire to where as with God it works the other way round. We don’t need to be important in the way the world sees (like aspiring to be famous). Each of us has areas that we hold influence in and that is as much as valuable. After all no one else can be YOU!


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

I found this quote today via my friend’s blog http://reigninlove.tumblr.com/

It really made me think about life and how we treat others can have lasting effects that we don’t even realise at the time. Cherish and treasure people in your world today.

Once In November

Well I wrote this at college today in the practical writing session. We were asked to look at this painting called Nighthawks by Edward Hooper and write something about it:-

Nighthawks by Edward Hooper

One November night
All alone in a dimly lit bar
Sat watching a young couple
From a far

Sometimes their actions speaking
Great volumes
Wondering why they are here
So late at night,

So the lady in the corner smiles
Obviously very happy
Maybe its some special occasion,

Or some stunning ceremonious
evening of forgotten promises
When things have been left unsaid.

Thoughts crumbling around
Like great forbidden loves
Wide open spaces,

The void left by decaying
adversary broken hearts
All is lost in the avenues of time.

One day, maybe one day
hope can be renewed.

By Carole Farish