Once known…never forgotten

Once known


Never forgotten.

The princess of the most High

Where raindrops fall,

And the sun rises, greeting a new day..

With a open heart

In awe of who You are

Precious one I smile when
I think of you.

By Carole Farish May 2012.

A Young Girl

There is a young girl running free
twirling around in her beautiful flowing

Then she is sitting there looking at the
clouds go by
Just a Pretty girl in her own peaceful world
being that wonderful joyful princess that
she was created to be

And she dances round and round, laughing
giggling with that priceless sparkle in her

In that split second she shows her
happiness when she sees that kind face
smiling, delighting in her.

In this moment she knows that she is
loved beyond measure.

By Carole Farish  © 2008