Some moments are like mountains. When we’ve got to climb through some hard times.
Often travel difficult roads

That may be long journeys 

or short ones.
But when we reach the top

What was once before us

becomes clearer.
Towards a new understanding 

A realisation that 

We are so much stronger than we think we are.
And that by looking back 

How He has carried us through 

the toughest of times 

And never left 

and He never will.
C.Farish 15/03/2016


Paths People Travel

Walking up paths once travelled
Feeling like going back in time
Thinking of what’s gone before
Moments, memories of times long ago

The battles that people face along the journey.
Realising that if you keep on going you’ll come
through it so much stronger.
And that the fight wasn’t in vain but used to build
You up for the journey a head.
No experience is ever wasted but used to gain new

As people wander by without a care in the world.
They need to know that their story is
important and that they are loved.
No matter what they may be facing.

That what has gone before is still relevant today.
Because there are many things we can learn from the past.
Hopefully this will help to create a better tomorrow for everyone.

By Carole Farish