Summer rainbows in July

Had a quiet day at home. Mostly spent the time working on my knitting. Had to pop the knitting down to capture this though!

Wednesday rainbows in July

There are so perks to a day of mostly torrential rain.

Signing off for now.


Calm after the rain

Well I went to the cinema after work today. I haven’t been for a while so I thought I’d treat myself. It pretty much chucked it down today. So it was a lovely surprise to come out into the day light to this:

The river in Barnstaple after the rain.

Sky and a high river.

Water and a sunset sky.

These pictures make me feel privileged to live in this part of the world.

My heart is happy!

A Spoonful of Jam

A spoonful of jam



Running for the bus

like its the biggest race of

our lives


Dancing in the rain

just because we can

Splashing puddles


Hanging out

singing songs at the top of our lungs

without a care in the world


Like its the best day ever

Re-living moments on a camera reel


               really is the best

                                            way to cheer someone up!




With the bestest little sister in the whole world!

Standing Alone.

Standing alone

Rain pouring down my face

Thinking maybe too much

Of choices made


Slowly the day breaks

Across the drenched sky

Afternoons of long forgotten memories

Pass by like paper planes

Falling to the ground


The void left by the stillness

Silence awaits

When to speak brings pain

Of sorrow amongst raging rivers


Engulfing all it surrounds

Leaving no mercy in its path

Lost worlds now immersed

Creating memories

Utterances of water worlds

Long forgotten


“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”  ~William Wordsworth