Wanderings back in Trondheim..

Last week I got to spend some much needed time away back here. It was wonderful to spend time catching up with good friends.


New adventures in familiar places 

So after my USA adventures.. Another new adventure has begun. I got off a 7 1/2 flight.. Got a train back to Yorkshire. Packed and headed up to Lancashire. 

I am loving being nearer my sister and brother-in-law.. I’m also enjoying lodging with wonderful friends Amy and Matt.

And views like this.

and this..


Calm after the rain

Well I went to the cinema after work today. I haven’t been for a while so I thought I’d treat myself. It pretty much chucked it down today. So it was a lovely surprise to come out into the day light to this:

The river in Barnstaple after the rain.
Sky and a high river.
Water and a sunset sky.

These pictures make me feel privileged to live in this part of the world.

My heart is happy!