A Seaside Tale

I wrote this poem a few years ago now back in March 09.

To see you running towards me
Like there is no other
Across the sand beaches
The sand dusting your feet
Running with all your might

Your feet hitting the sea with
such force
You gasp at the shock of the cold water
engulfing your feet

You see other kids laughing
Having so much fun
As the sun shines over the water
Making it glisten like silver scales

In the distance tiny specks on the sand
As you come closer to the shore
They become clearer
Children making enormous sand castles

Carole Farish March 2009


Sunshine, sand and sunsets.

Yesterday I decided to go on another exploring adventure. It involved cycling from Bishops Tawton along the Tarkka Trail to Bideford. Along the way I passed through some pretty coastal villages.
About three miles from Bideford there is a little Village called Instow which still has its signal box. Many parts of the Tarkka Trail run along disused railway lines (many lines were axed during the Beaching cuts in the 1960’s). There are also some disused railway tracks there.

Railway tracks to nowhere.

It looked like the little village station was stuck in time, like a train was coming at any moment. When I got to Bideford the station was sill there and there were even carriages on the rail tracks! On the station platform there were still benches and milk pails.
After I arrived at Bideford I cycled on to Westward Ho!. The steep hill I had to cycle to get up to the top of the seaside town was worth it.

View of Westward Ho!
Pebble beach.

I also took this lovely shot of a little boy walking along the sand.

Little boy walking along the beach.

I made it back to Fremington Quay in time for a stunning sunset!

Sunset over Fremington Quay.