The Coopers….fun, happy, music..

I have some amazing friends who are in a band called The Coopers. They released their EP a few weeks ago. Their music is fun and happy.. full of feel good tunes.

The Coopers new EP – Picture edited with Instagram.

Here is a video of their song – Summer’s Child.

Check out their website

P.s – Their album is available on itunes – 🙂 Check it out.


Its the little things

Holding things in life loosely
After all they are only things…
can be replaced…

Living life with
open hands…
things to be given away…
making new journeys.

Its the moments, memories that we hold
dear and treasure.
Friends really do make the world
a brighter place
adding smiles that light up our lives.

Its the little things
that make all the difference…

Carole Farish April 2012

On a boat on lake Windermere..summer 2010.