because spring is here

and I haven’t posted in so long..
Today looked like this..
Some snapshots of a wonderful day off spent with my sister, nephew, Dad, Gran and Auntie.

Road trips to the Lake District

One of my favourite views..

Family walks


Ewe and her baba.

For me days out like this are so refreshing. I loved capturing some little moments as spring begins.

I never tire of spending time here. 


[sun kissed]

Wanderings along paths
The smell of spring in the air
Sun kissed smiles

New adventures
In my own backyard
The magic each new season brings.

Running down sloping fields.
Over dry stone walls
Into the woods

With leaves crunching under foot
In the beck
Feeling like a kid

Finding happiness in the smallest of things


From a little adventurer.

April 2014