Gluten Free Cinnamon Biscuits

I baked a batch of gluten free cinnamon biscuits for my lovely housemate Laura this afternoon.

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[LIGHT] : up the sky.

Star lit skies
The crisp winter air
So refreshing to the heart

The smell of wood burning fires
Remind me of home.

As the wind plays its own gentle tune.

Sometimes all you’ve got to do is
At the greatness of it all..
A shining light…
Away above…

Standing on the edge

Standing on the edge of an abyss
Voids colliding
Sparks of stars ignite in the sky

Mesmerising and immense all at once
Looking up at what love brought down
Where words just aren’t enough.

Thoughts of what He has done
In wonder and awe
The world like one giant patchwork
A family all together as one
Across many nations.

All united for one cause
Being the hands and feet
Showing love and kindness.

Its in the giving of encouragement
a smile, hug or high five
being a shoulder to cry on.

Carole Farish February 2012

A Scattering of Stars

A love poured out like a thousand splendid stars
That glitter the sky like diamonds
When we think that all is lost
He shows that He is our hope.

As we realise that we can overcome all
Because it is in Him we find who we are
In Him all things are possible

Above every circumstance
any trials we face
His love is big enough
Its in His strength and love that
wil bring us through.

Because love wins always.

By Carole Farish.

A Star Lit Sky

Standing here surrounded by the all consuming darkness,
as the night draws on
The clouds begin to whisper away
Revealing an incredible display

Suddenly the stars light up the sky
As though the lights came on millions of years into the past.
The dying embers of once magnificent stars,
shining back to us.

It is an awe inspiring explosion of light into the expanse of the heavens.
They scatter the sky like diamonds.
That are precious in their own way.
Moments like this are remembered for a lifetime.

Its times like this that you realise how small you are
and how vast the universe is.
The awe inspiring realisation of it all.
That the display was put on just for you.

By Carole Farish June 2011


Seeing the stars burning bright
In the wonder of the night.
The still quiet peaceful moments,
so small, seemingly insignificant
Yet they mesmerise me, take
my breath away.

Staring up into the vast wide
open spaces.
That must be many light years away.
They leave me in wonder of God’s.

By Carole Farish © November 2009